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We started as a trade workshop in 1984.

With the increase of production volume and by acquiring a great number of customers, mostly industrial enterprises we developed into a firm. Since the foundation up to now, we have kept the same, specialized assortment, following the technical innovations, we are one of the rare firms in the country today, which only deals with printing on metal and runs the business totally independently, without any external procedures, starting with design and graphical preparing, printing up to cutting shapes. Therefore, on various sites you can see what we made, but here you cannot see anything made by someone else.

We are specialized in printing on metal: stainless steel, brass and aluminum by using metal printing technique and etching (chemical milling) as well as screen printing on metal ,mostly industrial plates, and PVC labels.

What do we make: inscription plates of any dimensions, up to 1000 by 1000 millimeters with no quantity limits. Use of these inscriptions: marking of different machine types , devices, engines, pumps, valves, batteries and vehicles, building marking and premises, inventory and control panels – from inventory plates and technical characteristic plates, to info-plates, visual communication signs (pictograms) and advertising plates with logotype and firm inscription. What recommends us: first class quality, obeying deadlines and competitive prices. What are our prices like: when you buy from a manufacturer, the prices are the lowest. We establish our prices depending on the print type-etched plates are a little bit more expensive, metal printed are cheaper and even cheaper is screen printing. Number of copies is decisive in price establishing, since the procedure of our printing is for assembly – line production mainly.


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